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Published: 04/09/2012

Branding is more than words

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These days, it seems a number of major brands are retreating to the old age adage “a picture is worth a thousand words”. In early 2011 Starbucks abandoned their brand name combined with their renowned siren icon in favour of a refined siren icon with no boldly set brand name or business cornerstone (coffee) offering at all. And now it appears as though Domino’s Pizza is following suit, by dropping their brand name and replacing it with a simple graphic domino icon.

It is clear that this will enable both chains to expand their product lines and indeed their global presence, by using a more simplified graphic language, that may well need no further explanation (no matter the language or target audience). But, will this spell a trend amongst global brands world over, and if so perhaps our high streets are destined for a future of more symbols and fewer words.

Published: 30/08/2012

Entrepreneur confidence index infographic

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Avid Mavo enthusiasts will know that we’ve gone a little infographic crazy over the past year or so. So it may come as no great shock to announce, we’ve recently put the finishing touches to the latest in an ongoing series of infographics designed and created for Investec Bank’s Entrepreneur Confidence Index. The latest edition is published in its full glory on the Investec website and can be shared across social platforms.

For further information about this or related design / digital work created at Mavo Studio visit here.

Published: 18/07/2012

Re-branding the Galliard Group

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We’ve recently put the finishing touches to a new look brand identity and brand guide for The Galliard Group of Companies. With a legacy in the Residential and Commercial property sector across the UK, Galliard had some pre-existing brand elements which were modernised during the design process. Broadly speaking however, the majority of our strategic, creative and design work has helped to give the property group a more consistent and unified brand, which will enable the business to communicate with a more authentic voice and powerful visual presence.

The new look brand is to be rolled-out by the company and its various divisions during the course of 2012-2013. Galliard’s International Sales Director, David Conway commented:

“Galliard needed an agency that could take a fresh look at the way our business communicates, and make sure our branding and brand image lived up to the company’s size and stature. Mavo provided the perfect outcome. The detailed brand style guide and brand tools they created for us streamlines all of our company’s communications (both internally and externally)…”

For further information about this project visit the Mavo Studio portfolio.

Published: 10/07/2012

The rise of mobile – infographic design

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Betfair have seen a progressive rise in mobile gaming over the past 12 months. Proud of their know-how and research into the sector, they asked us to create something that would make key facts and figures easy to digest and beautiful to look at. So, never to shirk a design challenge, we created an infographic that can be shared across digital platforms, blogs, press releases and beyond…


To view this project in more detail visit our portfolio.

Published: 30/06/2012

Engaging design captivates an audience

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As the world becomes more ‘Social’ and platforms like Linked-In, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube grow in popularity, brands and businesses naturally want to take advantage of the useability of these interactive tools in ever more inspiring and sophisticated ways. This is where design can really help. By turning company statistics, press releases, promotions and campaign messages into beautifully designed bite-size pieces of communication, they become perfect for interacting with and sharing.

Take for example a campaign graphic we recently designed for KitKat’s Facebook page – the instant ‘Likes’, ‘Comment’ rate and rise in user engagement (within a matter of hours!) demonstrates the case – if you make the effort to design your message well, there’s every chance your audience will be captivated enough to truly engage and ‘Share’ it.

Published: 25/04/2012

Good design is good for your health

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Having recently created the campaign identity and key pieces of ‘patient friendly’ media (distributed to 100’s of GP practices across the UK), we’re delighted to have played our part in a nation-wide campaign to encourage fitness amongst over 55’s across the UK.

For more information about the campaign visit

Published: 19/04/2012

Entrepreneur confidence index infographic

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Easily viewed online, on smart phones or tablets… here’s a chance to see the latest in a series of infographic designs for Investec, charting the confidence levels of UK entrepreneurs click here.

Published: 10/01/2012

Every sector has a story worth telling…

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Infographics are a great way to make and otherwise complex story more engaging and visually compelling. On the back or our recent infographic design work for Investec, we’ve designed and documented a new story… this time charting the confidence levels in the world of private equity. To view the infographic in full visit here.

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