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Published: 18/07/2012

Re-branding the Galliard Group

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We’ve recently put the finishing touches to a new look brand identity and brand guide for The Galliard Group of Companies. With a legacy in the Residential and Commercial property sector across the UK, Galliard had some pre-existing brand elements which were modernised during the design process. Broadly speaking however, the majority of our strategic, creative and design work has helped to give the property group a more consistent and unified brand, which will enable the business to communicate with a more authentic voice and powerful visual presence.

The new look brand is to be rolled-out by the company and its various divisions during the course of 2012-2013. Galliard’s International Sales Director, David Conway commented:

“Galliard needed an agency that could take a fresh look at the way our business communicates, and make sure our branding and brand image lived up to the company’s size and stature. Mavo provided the perfect outcome. The detailed brand style guide and brand tools they created for us streamlines all of our company’s communications (both internally and externally)…”

For further information about this project visit the Mavo Studio portfolio.

Published: 10/07/2012

The rise of mobile – infographic design

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Betfair have seen a progressive rise in mobile gaming over the past 12 months. Proud of their know-how and research into the sector, they asked us to create something that would make key facts and figures easy to digest and beautiful to look at. So, never to shirk a design challenge, we created an infographic that can be shared across digital platforms, blogs, press releases and beyond…


To view this project in more detail visit our portfolio.

Published: 30/06/2012

Engaging design captivates an audience

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As the world becomes more ‘Social’ and platforms like Linked-In, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube grow in popularity, brands and businesses naturally want to take advantage of the useability of these interactive tools in ever more inspiring and sophisticated ways. This is where design can really help. By turning company statistics, press releases, promotions and campaign messages into beautifully designed bite-size pieces of communication, they become perfect for interacting with and sharing.

Take for example a campaign graphic we recently designed for KitKat’s Facebook page – the instant ‘Likes’, ‘Comment’ rate and rise in user engagement (within a matter of hours!) demonstrates the case – if you make the effort to design your message well, there’s every chance your audience will be captivated enough to truly engage and ‘Share’ it.

Published: 25/04/2012

Good design is good for your health

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Having recently created the campaign identity and key pieces of ‘patient friendly’ media (distributed to 100′s of GP practices across the UK), we’re delighted to have played our part in a nation-wide campaign to encourage fitness amongst over 55′s across the UK.

For more information about the campaign visit

Published: 10/01/2012

Every sector has a story worth telling…

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Infographics are a great way to make and otherwise complex story more engaging and visually compelling. On the back or our recent infographic design work for Investec, we’ve designed and documented a new story… this time charting the confidence levels in the world of private equity. To view the infographic in full visit here.

Published: 18/05/2011

Education report design for a global audience

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Mavo Studio have just put the finishing touches to the design of a report on education authored by former UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown MP. The report will be launched by Gordon Brown alongside Graca Machel and other members of a high level panel on education including Queen Rania and Kofi Annan.


For a closer look, the report will soon be made available for download in full at

Published: 17/02/2011

Investec 2011 calendar design

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Just when you thought digital was replacing print design as de rigueur mode of corporate communication for ever more… Investec bank asked us to design a pop-up 2011 desk calendar for their most prized clients. Several concepts later and their internal marketing department championed our final design as “probably the best desk calendar ” they’d “ever done”. We’re of course pleased as punch with the finished production.


For a little more info’ about this campaign and others similar visit the Mavo portfolio.

JFX Finance re-brand and website design

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After two months of working closely alongside finance company JFX, we’ve recently finalised their new brand identity and micro-site. Mavo will continue to work with the boutique company, to ensure that their brand and marketing communications are harnessed in an effective way as they continue to grow as a business and brand.


Published: 15/12/2010

Mavo brand Harley Street hospital

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We have successfully designed the brand identity for a new day surgery hospital at 152 Harley Street, London. Together with the design and production of brand and marketing materials, we have produced a mix of internal clinical and patient media for the day to day operational side of the hospital. Further, Mavo have designed and developed the 152 Harley Street website which will grow in terms of content as the clinic develops.

152 Harley Street Website Home Page

Published: 11/10/2010

Charity design with a global message

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Earlier this year we were approached by charity 1GOAL – which aims to ensure children around the world have access to education – to help shape their brand and to create a host of creative campaigns that would help promote 1GOAL across the globe. With such big ambition it was hard not to accept and with support from international organisations such as FIFA, Microsoft, Telefonica and Facebook we were certainly in good company.

Defining the 1GOAL brand

Like many organisations in their early stages, the 1GOAL brand identity needed a little polish. Before we could begin the task of visually communicating (to the world) it was important to ensure the brand graphics (in this case a handwritten chalk logo and little else) were designed and set up using a consistent set of rules, to truly help the brand and its message ‘come to life’. So we got to work. We introduced a typeface and a consistent set of rules for its use. We created the 1GOAL logo in several different languages (French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic and beond). We applied chalk marks around photographic imagery and introduced a consistent set of rules for headers, sub-headers and quotations. In short, we built up a ‘visual language’ that would mean campaign workers would have an identity they would know how to handle and be proud to use, and the outside world would begin to see (and recognise) a brand that had a real visual presence and personality.


If Football is the world’s most popular sport, and a charity needs to communicate to the world…

Since the very beginning, 1GOAL used football as a platform from which to communicate its message. But having the likes of Rio Ferdinand, Michael Owen and Ronaldo giving your organisation the thumbs up (or rather first finger up, which is the ‘on-brand’ pose for anyone in a campaign photo) is not enough to get your message heard.

During the months prior to the FIFA 2010 world cup in South Africa – a main platform for 1GOAL’s global initiatives – we designed and created a series of promotional media campaigns to really grab the world’s attention. This included a ‘Campaign Manifesto’ which featured photographs of well known footballing icons and renowned global figures such as Shakira, Matt Damon, Jessica Alba and Queen Rania of Jordan (all of whom have played their part in supporting and promoting the cause). We designed promotional brochures and campaign reports, which were handed out to world leaders. Newspaper adverts were created and featured in leading publications such as the Daily Telegraph and the New York Times. We designed and built animations for tv and web campaigns and a series of animated graphics to be played on large screens at football stadiums (from Tottenham Hotspurs’ home-ground to World cup pitches across South Africa). Web banners took pride of place on sites such as ESPN and Facebook. Plus, we created a series of in-store posters that were exhibited in high street stores across Europe with the backing of companies such as Staples.


And now, after several months of hard work and campaigning to get their message across, we’re pleased to say, the charity has nearly 20 million supporters world wide. Strategic and effective communication really does make a difference.

This is just the beginning…

With 1GOAL’s ambitious target to get over 70 million people supporting its cause worldwide, there is still plenty more to do. However, we’re pleased to say the charity has started to engage with Social Media platforms to further spread their message, and this, plus our continued efforts to help their communications be as creative and stimulating as possible puts them in a really strong position for the future.

What do 1GOAL make of Mavo’s efforts?

We’ve been lucky enough to develop an ongoing and close relationship with many of the team at 1Goal, and we’re of course enormously proud to have played our part in helping such a noble cause. Fortunately, 1Goal have been just as pleased to have worked with us.

‘Our brief to Mavo has been complex, with a need to cater to an incredibly broad audience – and we have been delighted with the results. Mavo’s creative take on the multitude of required executions – and the responsiveness and speed of their team – has exceeded our expectations. Their work has ensured that our name – emblazoned on thousands of T-shirts, watched on TV ads around the world, displayed on the big screens at the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa and presented to world leaders at a global education summit – stands out from the crowd of other organisations clamouring for the world’s attention’.

Shaharazad Abuel-Ealeh, Chief Operating Officer, 1GOAL

If you’d like to sign up to 1GOAL please visit

Published: 15/09/2010

London, September 2010

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We’ve been delighted by the ongoing support for 1GOAL. The hard work of the organisation together with our creative design and digital campaigns have played a part in helping the charity grow its support base to a global count of 18 million people. We hope our animation recently played in Times Square, New York helps to grow the brand even further.

1Goal Animation, Time Square, New York

What’s more, you can now see Mavo animation work at the beginning and end of this testimonial for 1GOAL by Spurs and England centre forward Peter Crouch!

Published: 19/07/2010

London, June 2010

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We’re pleased to let you know, we’ve now moved to a lovely new studio space in Camden. From June of this year our new address will be: Mavo Studio, Selous House, 5-12 Mandela Street, London NW1 0DU United Kingdom, feel free to pop by for a coffee or just to say “hello”.

Published: 10/05/2010

London, May 2010

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As part of our ongoing work for 1Goal, earlier this month we designed an animated pitch-side banner to be shown at Tottenham Hotspur football ground. We hope this and our advert design (in the match day programme) was eye-catching enough to help the 1Goal cause!


Aside from our ongoing design work for 1Goal, we’re busy working on brand and print graphics for SEO company ISM and putting the finishing touches to the soon to be launched interactive app’ for Investec Private Bank, watch this space…

Published: 08/04/2010

London, March 2010

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Sorry kids, we know it’s been a little while since our last news update, but we’ve been kinda’ busy. We’re currently designing and developing a new app’ for Investec (news of which will follow later this year), while working hard on multi-media work for 1Goal (more of which you can see here) as they build towards their global initiative at the World Cup.

For those avid design connoisseurs we’ve recently launched our very own Mavo Facebook fan page, which will feature art, design & cultural musings so feel free to join the ride.

Published: 09/02/2010

London, January 2010

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We’re delighted to be part of the 1 GOAL campaign which aims to give 75 million children a fair chance in life. We’re currently designing a series of print media to help the charity promote its global cause. More news and links of our work for the campaign will be uploaded to the Mavo portfolio soon. In the meantime, you can find out more about the great work the charity is doing here.

1 Goal - Education for all

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