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Published: 14/09/2010

London, August 2010

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A little note from the geeks in our digital department…

According to recent data published by StatCounter, users of internet browser Explorer 6 have dropped below 5% in Europe, North America, Oceania and are declining fast across Asia and Africa.

Here at Mavo, we test every website we create to be accessible to the largest possible audience. As Explorer 6 has always been, a ‘debugging nightmare’ for any diligent web developer – because of it’s creative interpretation of web standards –  we’re happy to announce that our support for IE6 has at long last come to an end.

NB: If on the off-chance you still fall in that small percentage of people still using IE6, do yourself a favour: update to Explorer 8 (or get yourself Firefox, Chrome or Safari). Geek rant over.

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