Mavo Studio take pride in old fashioned drawing skills - it serves as foundation for all of our illustration work.

We have been commissioned to create illustrations for youth brands, packaging, infographics, marketing campaigns, animations and beyond. Our positive view of the need to maintain old fashioned drawing skills (within our design process) goes some distance towards the success of the illustration projects we have and continue to work on.

Case study | Character illustrations for packaging

Client: ASDA

ASDA were launching a new product range or bathroom products for young girls (5-8 years). Mavo were commissioned to design a range of characters and packaging that would appeal to this audience (as well as young mum's would ultimately be buying the products!)

In the first instance we designed a range of characters by doing a little market research, and investigating what would work well in print (on large and small items).

Mavo illustration case study - image 1

After we'd designed the characters in various scenes, we decided on colour palettes and typography to support specific products within the range. For example with the bathroom range, we used lots of turquoise blues and pinks to appeal to a young audience, and a "bubble style" font was selected for it's friendly and child like qualities.

Mavo illustration case study - image 2

Then we tested our design concepts on various pieces of print media, such as swing tags and labels, and packaging mock-ups.

Mavo illustration case study - image 3 Mavo illustration case study - image 4 Mavo illustration case study - image 5

Finally, we designed packaging so that consumers could see the full range of products through innovative display windows.

Mavo illustration case study - image 6

Visit the Mavo portfolio for more examples of our illustration work.

Global recognition for 1Goal charity design

Our print, web and animation design work for 1Goal has been viewed at the FIFA 2010 World Cup and presented to world leaders at a global education summit in South Africa. We're delighted to have played our part in helping the charity get such global recognition.

Sugar Puffs pack gets press attention

As part of a PR campaign, we were commissioned to design a 'limited edition' pack for the Sugar Puffs brand. Aside from getting to illustrate Honey Monster himself, we made a few headlines...

Healthcare campaign gains PR award

We're delighted to have created the identity and print media for the winner of the "Best Patient or Public Campaign" at the Communiqué PR & Medical Education Awards.

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