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Design sometimes works best when it is goes unnoticed. Take a piece of fiction for example, a book with a long narrative would be crudely interrupted if the typography did not offer as comfortable a read as possible. Which is not to say the layout of the book has not been well considered in terms of line space, paragraph space, font size and so on. The same too can be said of Interface design. Whether it is designing the user interface of a DVD, a piece of software, a games console or CD-ROM, we consider the usability, interactive nature and aesthetics of the project in equal measure.

Case study | Interface design for healthcare professionals

Client: AstraZeneca

A designer's job often goes beyond making things "look good". Often the way something functions is equally important.

In the case of our work for AstraZeneca, designing an interface that was straight forward to use, with a logical narrative and order, helped hundreds of healthcare professionals document mental health issues. across the UK.

Each area of the interface collected patient data (rather like a health care survey) with an automated tick box system, which gave a final report at the end.

Mavo interface design case study - image 1

Visit the Mavo portfolio for more examples of our interactive design work.

Global recognition for 1Goal charity design

Our print, web and animation design work for 1Goal has been viewed at the FIFA 2010 World Cup and presented to world leaders at a global education summit in South Africa. We're delighted to have played our part in helping the charity get such global recognition.

Sugar Puffs pack gets press attention

As part of a PR campaign, we were commissioned to design a 'limited edition' pack for the Sugar Puffs brand. Aside from getting to illustrate Honey Monster himself, we made a few headlines...

Healthcare campaign gains PR award

We're delighted to have created the identity and print media for the winner of the "Best Patient or Public Campaign" at the Communiqué PR & Medical Education Awards.

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