Poster design

Effective poster design matters. How else can you expect to grab the attention of a passerby.

Why does poster design deserve special attention? Because in many cases you have only a few seconds to grab the attention of an onlooker. Sometimes you even have to grab attention amid hundred of other images and messages competing in the same space.

Mavo Studio believe poster design is an art form. We design effective posters by creating concepts and testing them in the very context in which they'll end up - competing for attention on some inconspicuous wall space or other.

Recent campaigns

Client: Samson Films

Brief: Design a poster for feature film Eden.

Mavo poster design case study - image 1

Client: 1Goal Education for All

Brief: Design a series of posters - to include well known footballers and world leaders within the design - that would increase brand awareness across the globe.

Mavo poster design case study - image 2

Client: Hovis

Brief: Create a poster montage featuring British farmers and key members of the Hovis bread production team for a PR campaign.

Mavo poster design case study - image 3

Client: Department of Health

Brief: Produce a series of posters (to marry with other brand media) to increase awareness of Hep-C throughout prisons across the UK.

Mavo poster design case study - image 4

Visit the Mavo Studio portfolio for more samples of our work.

Global recognition for 1Goal charity design

Our print, web and animation design work for 1Goal has been viewed at the FIFA 2010 World Cup and presented to world leaders at a global education summit in South Africa. We're delighted to have played our part in helping the charity get such global recognition.

Sugar Puffs pack gets press attention

As part of a PR campaign, we were commissioned to design a 'limited edition' pack for the Sugar Puffs brand. Aside from getting to illustrate Honey Monster himself, we made a few headlines...

Healthcare campaign gains PR award

We're delighted to have created the identity and print media for the winner of the "Best Patient or Public Campaign" at the Communiqué PR & Medical Education Awards.

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