Web design (with a CMS)

Many websites are designed once and then if a client wants to update the text or images used on their site they need book (and budget for) more work from a design agency. We do things a little differently. Mavo have developed a CMS (Content Management System) so that if you would like to make ongoing (copy and image) changes to your website you're free to do just that.

Case study | Design hierarchy and content

Client: Henry Stewart Talks

An online educational resource, Henry Stewart Talks needed their vast collection of academic talks to be accessed via a easy to navigate and professional website. Within the company itself, the editorial team needed to be able to update content to areas of the website on an ongoing basis.

Mavo web design with CMS case study - image 1

A coloured button system was designed to distinguish user priority, special offers and availability of talks.

Visit the Henry Stewart Talks website for an even better incite. Or for more information about our other digital projects visit the Mavo portfolio.

Global recognition for 1Goal charity design

Our print, web and animation design work for 1Goal has been viewed at the FIFA 2010 World Cup and presented to world leaders at a global education summit in South Africa. We're delighted to have played our part in helping the charity get such global recognition.

Sugar Puffs pack gets press attention

As part of a PR campaign, we were commissioned to design a 'limited edition' pack for the Sugar Puffs brand. Aside from getting to illustrate Honey Monster himself, we made a few headlines...

Healthcare campaign gains PR award

We're delighted to have created the identity and print media for the winner of the "Best Patient or Public Campaign" at the Communiqué PR & Medical Education Awards.

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