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Mavo is a consultancy firm that has been collaborating on the communication of small and large companies since 2006.

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Two different souls

It's 2005, the world's first smartphone hasn't been released yet and another digital revolution is around the corner.

A young web designer, passionate about Macs, web standards and SEO, moves to London bringing with him two dreams: working for Apple and starting his own communications agency. At the end of the year he's been hired by Apple and begins to collaborate with Langland, an advertising agency specializing in the pharmaceutical sector later acquired by Publicis.

It is at Apple that he meets a graphic designer, who has been looking for someone to start a new adventure with after a few years spent working at a large advertising agency. A collaboration begins between two different souls, one linked to the canons of minimal design of the Swiss tradition and the other to the exciting prospects that digital is opening up.

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2006 - 2014

A great adventure

Mavo Limited was born after a few months and the two partners were joined by several collaborators, some of whom over time have become the soul of the agency. The first headquarters were in Shoreditch, the office then moved to Soho for a short period and finally to Camden Town, always remaining in the vibrant heart of creative London.

The agency has participated in dozens of communications and PR campaigns, both for the public sector and for corporate and consumer clients such as GSK, Novartis, Astellas, Blackberry, Miele and Activision. Some completed projects have won awards, such as the Communiqué Award received by the campaign for the prevention of hepatitis C in prisons, created together with Munro & Forster on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care.

Mavo has been among the suppliers of large companies such as CBRE and Investec as well as non-profit organizations such as Global Campaign for Education (GCE), contributing to many campaigns on the issues of poverty and access to education including 1GOAL, promoted by Queen Rania of Jordan on the occasion of the World Cup in South Africa.

Mavo has also supported smaller companies looking for help to increase the potential of their brand.

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2015 - 2024

“We leave to return”

In 2015, after a decade of activity in the UK market, Mavo moved its business to Naples, exploring new opportunities in Italy.

In 2018 the Limited company was closed and Mavo continued to operate as a consultancy firm offering web development, design, branding and digital marketing services to mostly Italian clients.